I have worked with Lynne in both of my schools and have always been impressed with her work. She has a clear understanding of what best practice looks like and has the ability to communicate this to staff. She is also superb at identifying what it is that teachers can do to improve their practice and is able to explain this to staff in a clear, assertive but collaborative manner.

I recommend her work very strongly.

Secondary Headteacher

Clive’s presentation and workshop this morning were very well received by staff. One member of staff who has been here a number of years was heard to say “this is the best training I have ever had at this school” – praise indeed.’

Vice principal, large secondary school

The coaching sessions Lynne ran provided a rare opportunity for personalised training and have led to some stunning ideas in promoting a positive learning culture.

Secondary senior leader

Lynne brings a supportive non-judgemental attitude to her dealings with staff. She is able to appreciate each teacher’s individual style and pinpoints areas for development in such a clear and positive way that just one session makes a difference.

Secondary deputy Headteacher

After working with Lynne behaviour has really improved – pupils know where they stand and don’t push their luck.  I really enjoy teaching them as a class now, whereas I used to dread it. I am finding that I am using Lynne’s ideas with all my groups now.

Geography teacher KS3

Lynne has excellent interpersonal and professional skills and gains the confidence and respect of all the schools she works in. She provides clear, practical and highly appropriate support and plays a significant role in their process of improvement.

Head of school improvement

Doing joint lesson observations with Lynne has given me confidence and help in giving constructive feedback. She also gave me a ‘way in’ to managing colleagues.

Head of Maths

Thanks for all your help Lynne with creating our learning support unit. Ofsted have just described it as ‘an absolute triumph’.

Head of vocational education

May I thank you Lynne for your excellent work mentoring our head of maths yesterday – it was a privilege to watch you working with her.

Secondary headteacher

Well done Lynne in getting schools, other agencies and local authority to work collaboratively. Just shows what tact, diplomacy, perseverance, patience and sensitivity can achieve.

Thank you for your calm, thoughtful, discrete and thorough support in what has been an intense time, contributing to our Ofsted outcome. We look forward to your help in getting us to even greater heights.

Special school head teacher

Clive, Thank you for enabling us to complete a very thorough and professional quality assurance process – we greatly appreciate your insight and external perspective.

Head teacher

Dear Clive, Many thanks for all of your help yesterday.  We felt that it was an enormously positive and productive day. You led it extremely well and ensured the right balance of collaboration and direction with a very nice relaxed approach. The historical activity worked really well and served as an excellent reminder of the journey that we have travelled together. Your overview was also very helpful and provided a very useful working context.  I’m so pleased that we achieved our aims for the day and we will be very well placed for the Strategic Governors meeting

Special school head teacher

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