Providing customised consultancy to support school improvement.

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School improvement

  • Working with heads and senior leaders on all aspects of  school improvement: judging the quality of teaching, analysing achievement information, reviewing personal development, pupil behaviour and welfare and validating schools’ self-evaluation.
  • Identification of best practice and sharing it within and between departments.
  • Formative reviews across the school or department. Examples include teaching and learning, the quality of self-evaluation, the quality of marking and assessment, pupil personal development, behaviour and governor effectiveness.
  • Lesson observations and practical developmental feedback based on best current practice.
  • A particular focus on all areas of SEN and underachieving groups.

Development work:

  • Personalised support and coaching for leaders at all levels.
  • Support and challenge for underperforming teachers as well as the most skilled who wish to improve further.
  • Developing the skills of support staff and helping teachers to deploy them effectively.
  • Support and guidance for appointments, including head teachers, deputy heads, SENCos.
  • Head teacher performance management.

We value all enquiries and encourage you to get in touch by email or phone. We will work with you to help meet the needs of your school: we aim to identify development needs and solutions, add to your capacity and save you time. All work can be accompanied by evaluative follow-up reports and email or telephone support where required.


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